Growing business with purpose in the digital age.

what we do

In a nutshell, we identify and execute strategic marketing that leads to growth in a digital or multi-channel plan. We craft strategy that speaks to your market, set up tracking and reporting so you know you’re hitting your numbers and tie your placements together seamlessly so their impact is amplified.

how WE can help you (a few examples)

  • Build a digital roadmap for your business: Whether it's a new business, a refresh or the first time you're investing in marketing strategy, together we will dig into your objectives, identify your target market and secondary segments, complete a competitive analysis and build a complete digital marketing roadmap for your business centered around growth.

  • Supplement your current strategy with digital expertise: From a digital perspective, it can be overwhelming for a business to decipher what channels or tactics work in their favor and can deliver legitimate results. We simplify the process by outlining placements, ad buys, targeting and strategy based on your business trajectory to supplement your current marketing in the digital space. As we execute these plans, we also monitor and provide reporting to track growth and optimize over time.

  • Create ad buys that perform: Hitting boost on a Facebook post without understanding how the platform is best optimized can be hit or miss. We test, build and execute creative and targeted ad buys that accomplish specific business goals like conversion, re-marketing, driving engagement, awareness or traffic. Plus, we can help you with those tricky pixel placements and tie your campaigns into visible revenue.

  • Execute social media campaigns: It can be frusterating to keep up with social media without a dedicated person to execute campaigns. When you have someone solely focused on providing an engaging social media presence, you'll be amazed at the content you'll create and the engagement you'll generate. And so will your audience.

  • Learn more about digital marketing, period: Requests for coffee and feedback on how friends or businesses can solve smaller problems through digital are alwasy welcome. Although more of a limited consultation, it can be helpful to chat for an hour about roadblocks and possible solutions, as well as answer any questions you've always wanted to ask. Limited to 30 - 60 minutes.

Specific services

  • Digital Marketing Strategy + Execution

  • Social Media Strategy, Targeting, Execution + Paid Media

  • Branding + Brand Management

  • E-commerce Strategy + Execution

  • Email Marketing, Customer Acquisition + Strategy

  • Content Creation, Strategy + Distribution

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing + Outreach

  • Event Marketing + Activation

  • Guerilla Marketing + Street Teams

  • Editorial + Promotional Copywriting

  • Mindset Coaching



The product of an east coast up bringing, love of the outdoors and big mountains, Jackson, WY is where Rachel finds her creative drive. It began with 5 years in the ski industry, first with Colorado Ski Country, then Vail Resorts where she honed skills and learned under some of the best in the Travel and Tourism world. As a marketer for one largest industry brands in the world, Rachel spent time running regional and national marketing, branding, photography and digital media campaigns until re-locating from Colorado to Wyoming in 2012.

Since then, she’s spent time working with and consulting for music, outdoor and lifestyle brands, non-profits and small businesses alike that include: SheJumps, Mammut North America, The American Institute of Avalanche Research and Education, Alaska Rendezvous Heli-Ski Guides, The Pink Garter Theatre and Stoned and Dusted. Data driven and a creative problem solver, her passion lies with crafting marketing strategy that is thoroughly researched, tied to tangible business goals and partnered with inventive campaigns that resonate across target audiences.