Examples of strategy in action

stoned and dusted

An annual salute to desert rock by the California Desert Wizards Association, Stoned and Dusted brings some of the best musicians in the pysch and rock genre to the desert for two days of unforgettable music each spring. For the past few years despite a strong following, the organization hadn’t quite seen the number they were looking for in attendance. Working together by strategically segmenting their email lists and messaging, building a fenced email acquisition strategy, and remarketing throughout several touchpoints, we successfully increased sales and attendance leading to a sold out festival in 2019.


  • Email Marketing + Strategy

  • Audience targeting + Segmentation

  • Remarketing through multiple consumer touchpoints

  • Event Strategy + Rollout

Photo: Sam Grant

Photo: Sam Grant


#IAmSJ Hashtag Campaign + Activation: SheJumps is a non-profit whose mission is to increase women's participation in the outdoors. In 2014, as a tactic to increase engagement rates throughout our digital mediums and activate on a more personal level during the Pretty Faces film tour, I concepted the #IAmSJ hashtag campaign to foster a community of identity through the organization. The first year we saw 2,000 uses of the hashtag and to date it has over 18,000 uses posts. 

In addition, we used the campaign to drive a creative re-brand and incorporated the new look and feel into event activations around SheJumps events - providing stickers on which attendees could express what being part of SheJumps meant to them. It was an incredibly successful and rewarding example of how a social tag could be used to express the power of female identity in an outdoor community.

See examples of the on-going hashtag campaign here.


  • Social media strategy + Execution

  • Updated Branding + Creative

  • On the ground activation + Guerilla marketing

  • Content creation + Distribution



A well known business in the heli-ski arena, ARG was lacking in a solid digital media presence where they could utilize social media for better storytelling and customer interaction. After building out a social strategy, with execution and monthly goals, we saw growth through social channels double, as well as a heli-ski season that was completely sold out 6 out of the 8 weeks of operation. Since then, we’ve continued to work together to form a loyal and highly engaged following with multiple digital touchpoints to increase conversions.


  • Social media strategy + Execution

  • Content creation + Distribution

  • Digital advertising, Segmentation, Re-marketing + Targeting

  • Email marketing + Acquisition


Teton COunty Library

After landing a visit by the first Mexican-American US Poet Laureate, the Teton County Library was interested in experimenting with a digital campaign and additional activation to draw in more millennials and the hispanic community. Together, we spearheaded a highly targeted Facebook campaign, built out a media angle for the program that spoke to both demographic segments, and executed additional chalk art and community poem pieces for activation. The event surpassed original attendance goals, specifically in the two targeted segments and built a baseline for growing and engaging with both demographics for future events.


  • Holistic marketing Ssrategy + Execution

  • Event marketing + Activation

  • Facebook advertising, Segmentation + Targeting